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Herewith, referred to as the “driver” agrees that he/she will adhere to the companies’ code of ethics to the best of their ability for as long as he/she is employed as an independent contractor of LITTY a subsidiary of LITTY AFRICA.

  1. The driver may not disclose their personal numbers to any of the companies’ clients.
  2. The driver will check in every morning to inform their handler that they are ready to work via WhatsApp or call.
  3. The driver will at all times report to their handler, allocated to them by the company.
  4. The driver agrees that he/she will respect LITTY clients at all times regardless of clients unethical conduct. All complaints and matters must be reported to the company so the relevant party can resolve them.
  5. The driver will submit all required documents as stated by the company on the company website (www.litty.co.za).


  1. All payments will be made on a weekly basis.
  2. The company will keep 20% off all monies made from every trip allocated to the driver by LITTY.
  3. The driver will be responsible for collecting all monies due to LITTY from the customer at the beginning of every trip.
  4. The driver will deposit all monies collected to the relevant account given to them by a LITTY representative.
  5. The driver agrees to the deduction of an annual service fee of amount of R 1200.00, which will be due on the first month of every year for each vehicle registered by the driver under the LITTY platform. This fee will also be deducted after the first week upon the driver’s acceptance onto the LITTY platform.


  1. All trips that fall between these two time frames 8:00am to 15:00pm. Monies collected between the above mentioned timeframes must be deposited into the LITTY account no later than 18:00pm daily.
  2. All trips that fall between the hours from 15:00pm to 8:00am. Monies collected between the above mentioned timeframes must be deposited into the LITTY account no later than 10:00am the following morning, daily.


  1. All drivers are required to get tracker fitted into their cars as recommended by the company.
  2. The driver agrees to allow the company to track all movements made by their vehicle during the every trip and period of contract with LITTY.


  1. The company is not liable/responsible to any damages that may happen to the vehicle/s owned by the driver during the duration of the contract.
  2. The company is merely a platform that connects drivers and customers and does not employ any driver as its employee but as an independent contractor.
  3. The driver is responsible for all maintenance and petrol of their vehicle/s.


  1. The company reserves the right to dismiss and terminate the contract of any driver with immediate effect if the driver is found to be acting unethically or does not adhere to the terms of this agreement as mentioned above.
  2. The driver will not be paid weekly monies due to them if any of the above rules are broken or the company terminates this agreement.

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  1. If the driver misrepresented himself or herself, this agreement may be terminated with immediate effect.

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